Property Division

Property Division

The End of a Marriage Is Never Easy

The end of a marriage can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. During this difficult time, it’s important not to let emotions get the best of you when it comes to dividing assets. That's why Ashley A. Andrews, APC provides the service of Divorce Property Division in the Arcadia and Pasadena, CA area.


Having an attorney on your side throughout the process can help ensure equitable distribution of assets during divorce property division proceedings. Our experienced attorneys and forensic accountant understand the challenges you face and are committed to achieving a favorable outcome for one party only; which is in your best interest. We will guide you through splitting up assets and property, taking into consideration all factors that go into deciding how to divide them. This includes assistance with property division, valuation of business entities, determining income available for child and spousal support and characterization and division of complex assets.

At Ashley A. Andrews, APC we are here to support you every step of the way through the divorce property division process. Our knowledgeable attorneys and forensic accountant strive for fast resolutions that protect your interests without litigation whenever possible. If you live in or near Arcadia or Pasadena, CA please don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our services.

No matter how difficult this process may seem right now, our compassionate legal professionals are here to walk you through each step. With Ashley A. Andrews, Esq. on your side, you can trust that you'll have knowledgeable representation during a time when your rights should be protected the most.  Feel confident knowing that we have your best interests at heart during every step of this process so you can reach a fair outcome for yourself after your separation.


Attorney Andrews will talk to you about the factors that go into deciding how to split up the assets. Her goal is to ensure you receive a fair and just division at the end of the process. We'll assist with:

  • The division of property
  • The valuation of a business entity
  • Determination of income available for child and spousal support
  • The characterization and division of complex assets

In some cases, a mutual agreement, judicial decree or property
settlement decides the division for you. Contact Ashley A. Andrews, APC today to begin the divorce property division process in the Los Angeles County, CA area, including Arcadia and Pasadena, CA.

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