Child Support

Child Support

As a parent, you want your child's well-being to be a priority. They have the right to be supported by both parents. As such, understanding how spousal and child support works in California is essential. Whether you need help to figure out your needs and expenses for child support or are seeking more information on how California determines spousal support, we are here to provide comprehensive guidance and resources.

At Ashley A. Andrews APC, we offer knowledgeable legal services to assist with all of your needs concerning obtaining, modifying, enforcing, and negotiating spousal and child support amounts. Our experienced team is committed to providing clients with the highest level of expertise in these areas.

Child Support

We also offer assistance when it comes to calculating child support in California. The court uses specific formulas for determining the appropriate amount for parents to contribute to the child’s needs; however, there are various factors that could affect this amount such as health insurance premiums or daycare expenses. Our team will review each case individually and ensure that both parties comply with the rulings made by the court regarding child support payments.

Enforcing rulings from the court can often become difficult or challenging. With our expertise in California family law, we can provide strategies for successfully enforcing any prior decisions related to spousal or child support payments made by either parent if needed.

Child Custody

In addition, if you are trying to get full custody of your children in California or wondering whether you can move with your children without permission from the other parent, our legal advisors are ready to answer all of your questions and explain the laws that apply specifically in California family law courts.

How is child support in California determined?

It’s important to note that California laws stipulate that each parent has a responsibility to financially support their child regardless of whether or not they are employed. We can guide you through understanding what types of resources might be available so you can get adequate assistance when needed.

Spousal Support

When it comes to spousal support, our team can help you determine your needs and expenses that must be taken into consideration when settling an agreement between spouses.  

Our team understands that every family situation is different which is why we take into consideration every detail provided during initial consultations before forming a personalized strategy for negotiating or enforcing any rulings related to spousal or child support payments in California.

How does child support work if the mother has no job in California?

Our experts will review every case thoroughly should there be a need for modification due to change of circumstances such as changes in income due to job loss or changes within household expenses like additional healthcare costs due to an illness or disability. In these cases we can assist families who may not know what steps they should take next when it comes down to figuring out their rights as either custodial parent or non-custodial parent within family law systems in California so they can rest assured that their rights as well as their children's interests are always being put first.

How hard is it for a father to get full custody in California?

If you are wondering how hard it is for a father to get full custody in California, the answer varies case-by-case depending on various factors such as parenting plans and agreements. It can also depend on who has had primary physical custody in the past or if there were any issues with violence, abuse, neglect or addiction.

Can I move with my child without father's permission California?

The law states that parents must seek permission from the other parent before they move out of state with their child. In some cases, however, permission may not be required if both parents agree and it does not affect the existing court orders.

At our law office we provide legal services tailored specifically to individual families' needs throughout all stages of divorce proceedings and beyond. We understand this can be a difficult process but having an experienced lawyer advocate on your behalf can make all the difference.

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