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Divorce Papers

At Ashley A. Andrews, APC, our team of legal professionals have extensive experience in handling all matters related to divorce, including filing divorce papers, division of assets and property, child custody, visitation rights, spousal support and more. We provide customized advice and strategy tailored to each client's unique situation, enabling them to secure the best possible outcome from their case.

We understand that your life and future may depend on the outcome of your case. That’s why we strive to remain ahead of changes in the law as they relate to family court cases, while also taking a proactive approach towards understanding our clients' needs in order to craft the strongest legal argument possible. With Ashley A. Andrews, APC by your side, you can rest assured that you have an experienced legal advocate representing your interests in court.

Who pays for a divorce in California?

At Ashley A. Andrews, APC we understand that divorce proceedings can be complicated and stressful, especially when dealing with matters such as who pays for the divorce in California, what qualifies as grounds for divorce, who qualifies for spousal support, or custody of any minor children involved. To make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities throughout the process, our experienced family law attorneys are here to provide you with reliable guidance regarding all aspects of California divorce law.

What is the 10 year rule in California?

When it comes to getting divorced in California, there is an important rule to consider called the “10 Year Rule” which states that if either spouse was married at least 10 years or longer prior to filing a divorce petition in court, they qualify for certain spousal support rights depending on their income levels after divorce.

Divorce Mediation

When parties cannot come to agreement over distribution of these assets - usually they have to turn to courts and use methods such as mediation or arbitration instead of fighting it out in front of judge due time restraints involved with this process.

Is everything split 50/50 in a divorce in California?

Regarding splitting up assets upon getting divorced in California – generally speaking most property acquired during marriage is subject to division upon separation including community property or marital assets obtained before and during marriage with some exceptions such as inheritance from outside sources (such as from parents).

Uncontested Divorce

It is important to know that even if you do not have a valid ground for seeking a divorce such as irreconcilable differences or infidelity in California – you can still obtain an uncontested divorce by simply agreeing on terms before going to court.

At Ashley A. Andrews, APC we understand how important it is that you understand all aspects of the divorce process both from the legal perspective and also on a personal level so you make informed decisions about how you will shape your future going forward. We are here for clients 24/7 when needed - please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like further advice about how California's divorce laws may apply to your specific situation.

No matter what type of family law case you’re facing, it’s essential that you hire the right legal team with expertise in the particular area of family law applicable to your case. When you partner with us at Ashley A. Andrews, APC for family law representation you can count on being fully informed about all aspects of your case throughout every stage of litigation. Contact us today for more information or to get started on your legal matter.

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