Disclosure Documents

If you are visiting this page, you were likely handed the Schedule of Assets and Debts and Income and Expense Declaration forms by your attorney. These forms are very important for your case and you absolutely must make sure they are filled out properly for the following reasons.

Even the best lawyer needs your help completing these forms because you know your assets and income better than him or her. Further, doing your best to complete a thorough first draft will save you time and money in your divorce or paternity case. Please look at each section of each of these forms and make certain you provide an answer and/or a document for each section that pertains to you. If you have a question about a section, it may be best to call your attorney and ask, briefly, what the section is requesting or text your attorney a picture of the section in question and secure his or her advice.

In addition to the initial review of the forms with your attorney, completing the forms on your own, reviewing the forms a few more times, and calling or texting your attorney with questions, I also prepared the videos below to assist you with completing these forms. Not only does it save you time and money in your divorce to complete these forms thoroughly and properly, also, in California, each spouse has a duty to disclose all of their assets and income upon divorce. In certain circumstances, courts have overturned a previously completed divorce due to one spouse's failure to disclose assets and income. Do not let this happen to you because you neglected to thoroughly and properly complete these forms.



Domestic Violence

San Bernardino Superior Court DV Intake Form