Business Valuation

Business Valuation

Business Valuation Division Help During Divorce

Divorcing your spouse can be a complicated process, but it becomes even more difficult when you and your spouse own a business together. That's why Ashley A. Andrews, APC is here to provide professional assistance to help make the property division process smoother and stress-free.

At Ashley A. Andrews, APC, our experienced attorneys and forensic accountant will work closely with you and evaluate your business to suggest the best course of action while keeping your best interests in mind. Our services are tailored to each situation and are aimed at finding the most suitable resolution that works for all parties involved. We understand how important this decision is for you and will strive to get you the outcome that you desire.

When dealing with a business in a divorce settlement, there are several options available:

1) One party can buy out the other to gain sole ownership of the business: If one party desires complete control over the company, then they can choose to buy out the other spouse's interest in exchange for agreed-upon financial compensation.

2) You can sell the business and then split the profits: Selling a business can be beneficial as it eliminates future problems related to running a company together with an ex-spouse. All proceeds from the sale can then be split between both spouses as part of their property settlement agreement.

3) You and the other party can remain owners of the business: Remaining co-owners allows both parties to continue owning and operating their business together after the divorce is finalized. This option can be especially appealing if there’s been a success in running a profitable venture before divorcing.

4) You can agree on a tradeoff so that one party gets some of the community property while the other keeps the business: This type of tradeoff involves giving up certain assets such as real estate or cash in exchange for exclusive rights to operate or keep ownership of their shared company.

Navigating these options alone during divorce proceedings is incredibly daunting – but it doesn't have to be! With Ashley A. Andrews, APC's experience, expertise, and insight into complex legal matters about businesses, we'll ensure that all necessary steps are taken for a successful outcome throughout every phase of this transition period in your life. Attorney Andrews understands that these decisions impact both parties long-term; thus she approaches them delicately while looking out for both individuals' best interests before reaching an amicable solution through sound negotiation techniques based on valid data points presented by either side before making final judgments or conclusions that adhere to California family law statutes in place today.

Don't wait any longer – contact Ashley A. Andrews, APC now for reliable assistance throughout every step of your divorce proceedings regarding your business valuation division needs. We're ready and willing to guide you towards finding a resolution no matter what stage your case may be at currently!

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